I have been writing my whole life–poetry, short stories, journals–but it is only in the past five years that I have made the jump into longer works of fiction. I tried to write several novels in the past, but I never could seem to get more than a few thousand words into them before I would lose motivation. Part of the reason would be that my life was way more busy and complicated back then, with three children born in the space of four years, and a job, and a not-so-helpful husband. But I digress. In the last three years I have written three complete novels, and not once did I lose interest or have any trouble keeping the plot moving in the right direction.

Then came book #4.

This one has been a struggle, from the first word onwards. I am at a loss to say why. I spent the usual amount of time planning out the plot on a chapter by chapter basis, did some research, thought about the characters and how they would interact. But it all seemed flat to me, and I didn’t know how to fix it.


I wrote a partial chapter last night, and somehow it came together and clicked. I had an inspiration (I wish I could bottle that stuff and sell it!) and now I think I know how I can mend what is broken in the earlier chapters. I needed a “hook” and last night I think I found it!


I have never had to deal with writer’s block before, and it’s good to know that it is possible to overcome it. I don’t know if I could have done something about it sooner. I didn’t try any of the helpful advice and writing exercises that people often recommend for writer’s block.

I just… kept writing.

I hope it lasts.

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