It is funny how being away from creature comforts makes you appreciate them ever so much. The humble toilet, with its cascade of flushing water, has been sorely missed by yours truly for the past 5 days. But now I am home again! At least for three days or so. Then we are probably going back for more.

Now all I have to deal with is emptying the stinky holding tank from the porta-potti! Blech. Where is it written that women must do this job? Not that I am complaining. The porta-potti works very well, for the most part, and is a vast improvement over what the previous tenants of our house had. A bucket. With a toilet seat on top.

I had a great time at the beach. The most amazing thing happened. I was sitting on a log, watching my ten year old son and his friend swim in the ocean, when a young sea lion pup came quite close and started playing around in the sand. Me, being me, started talking to it in a silly voice, saying, “Here boy! Come on, come and see me…” But then it actually did! Came skootching right over and sniffed my leg, twice, and then laid on the sand next to me for ages. I think the poor thing must have been lonely or something. I was a little bit scared. I have never been close to a wild animal that large before, except in a zoo. And there were no fences or cages here! It was such a sweet little thing though. (I will probably recycle this experience in a book some time…) Me and My Friend

Here is a picture of me and the seal. We didn’t dare take a picture of the really close encounter in case it got spooked.

We also saw four adult penguins and two chicks, through the telescope on the opposite side of the beach, under the cliffs. Yellow Eyed penguins are severely endangered so any new chicks are very important. We will have to call the Department of Conservation tomorrow and report the sighting, so that they can put up some signs warning people (and their dogs) away. Dogs are a big problem for penguins, and we see lots on the beach, running free at this time of year.

Did a little writing, when I could pry my laptop away from my son, who wanted it to watch movies. Managed to fix one of the places where nothing happens, but I still have a lot of work to do!

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