I have come to a decision point in the story for book IV, and I am a bit flummoxed. There is a character, who has been with me since book I, one of the good guys. I feel as though we have been through a lot together. But now, in this early battle scene. I know that someone has to die, to add to the dramatic tension. But this guy? I really hate to kill him off.

Now I know I could do like they used to do in Star Trek. You remember how they would be getting together a landing party, with Kirk or Spock, Bones (cracking wise as always) and a couple of guys wearing red shirts? Their names wouldn’t be Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, but they might as well have been, because by the end of the episode one or both of those guys would be dead. But no one would care, because you knew that that was their job.

I don’t think I should be introducing any new characters at this point. I have too many already. So I am left with the inescapable conclusion that this guy has to go. *sigh*

On to more cheerful subjects!

Please take a look at this:

Pat Bertram, who writes the excellent “Bertram’s Blog” on Word Press, is a semi-finalist in the Gather ‘Next Great Crime Writer Contest.’ His entry is excellent too; well-written, exciting, and definitely worth voting for. So if you have a moment, do as I did and pop over to Gather and give him 10 stars!

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