Where does it come from?

Every author struggles with it from time to time. So-called writer’s block. In my case sometimes it is a question of too many ideas, and I can’t decide which way I need to turn in the story.

What is satisfying to the reader? What is off-putting?

It is difficult to quantify these things. Sometimes I write and write, and nothing seems to fit well with the story I am trying to tell. I get frustrated and go and do something else for awhile. I go to bed, wake up at 3AM and the answer is there.

Where does it come from?

Is the perfect novel hiding in my mind, waiting for me to just write it all down? There is an old joke that it is easy to be a sculptor–all you have to do is carve away all the bits of stone that don’t look like the thing you are trying to sculpt.

Writing is a bit like that too. Just find the words to describe what you want to describe. Easy, right?

I wish I knew how and why inspiration works for me, but maybe, as with magic, to understand how the trick is done destroys the illusion.

Maybe I should just stop asking questions?

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