My Angel I spent the morning yesterday happily tramping around a couple of local public cemeteries with my digital camera, looking for angels.  Originally I had chosen a picture on Flickr to use for my book cover, but when I wrote the photographer asking for her permission she refused it, citing privacy concerns.  I did kind of wonder why she put the picture up on Flickr in the first place, but never mind that.  The picture was of an angel, and after she turned me down, I decided I would just go out and find my own .

The first cemetery yielded a few, mostly crumbling, subjects.  I took some shots at differing angles, but I wasn’t getting the look I wanted.  I drove across town to the Southern cemetery, and spent another hour wandering.  Then I saw her–my angel.  Standing alone, on a high plinth, her delicately chiseled features shone radiantly in the morning sun.  I took about fifty pictures.  Once back at my computer, I looked at all of them.  Strangely enough, it was the very last one that turned out to be the most suitable for the cover of Heart of Hythea.  Now I am glad that couldn’t use the Flickr photo.  I am so much happier with my own beautiful angel, and with the knowledge I captured her beauty by myself.